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About Allie

Dr. Allie Ticktin is a licensed occupational therapist with a specialty in sensory integration and early childhood development. Allie’s life work is to empower children to celebrate their differences through play, and she believes it is necessary to customize each child’s treatment to his or her needs. Allie enables every child to reach a new level of confidence through an individualized plan created through collaboration with the child’s family, teacher and broader support network. Allie founded Play 2 Progress after recognizing the power of social play to facilitate individual progress. Through individual and group sessions with children, Allie is able to facilitate notable growth across both school and home environments.

Allie began her work in pediatric development at The University of Michigan, where she earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Movement Science, and continued her studies at The University of Southern California where she received her Master of Arts degree and her Clinical Doctorate (OTD) in Occupational Therapy. As part of her clinical doctorate dissertation, Allie developed and implemented a manualized dog-assisted intervention program at a local school for ongoing use. Allie is certified in Sensory Integration (SIPT) and has received advanced continuing education in Neuronet Learning, Neuro-developmental treatment, DIR Floortime and Beckman Oral Motor.