Young Artists Camp: Ceramics, Drawing, & Painting

young artists camp: ceramics, drawing, & painting

June 17-20, Monday-Thursday, 8:30a-1:30p, $475
West Hollywood

Designed for children ages 5-8, kids in our Young Artists camp will get in touch with their own inner artist! When kids are allowed to take creative risks and make decisions about their art, it fosters innovation and boosts self-esteem! We will be learning different drawing and painting techniques, making self-portraits, introducing basic print making, and hand building with clay. Fine motor skills, visual motor skills, and academic skills like handwriting improve as kids learn how to manipulate different drawing utensils, brushes, and clay.

Between art projects, we'll give the little ones a break in our sensory gym with a foam pit, rock wall, swings, games, and more! Children will come home at the end of the camp with lots of new techniques, ideas, and artwork to share.