Motor Mania & Building Coordination

motor mania & building coordination

Ages 3-4: Thursdays @ 3:00-3:50p
Ages 4-5: Wednesdays @ 3:00-3:50p
Ages 5-6: Mondays @ 3:45-4:35p

We run a variety of group sessions throughout the week focused on a wide range of topics. The focus of each group is a little different, based on age and what the children in the group are working on together. We focus on improving your child’s gross motor skills through games, obstacle courses, and other activities. We use a multisensory approach and always have a blast!

    Topics include:
  •   Bilateral coordination
  •   Ball skills
  •   Strength
  •   Motor planning
  •   Play skills
  •   Body awareness
  •   Balance

Play 2 Progress groups provide a unique environment where children are carefully matched with peers who will encourage them to reach the next level of success together. All groups require an initial intake meeting to determine the best fit for your child.