nanny & me (pre-walkers)

Mondays @ 11:00-11:45a, 9/23-10/14
West Hollywood
$160 for 4-week session

When a family hires a nanny, it's almost like they're bringing on a new family member - one who loves their kiddos and wants to provide only the very best in love and support. The Play 2 Progress Nanny & Me class is designed to help nannies better understand and support the development of the children they care for. In each class, a pediatric occupational therapist will help nannies and the babies they care for explore age-appropriate gross and fine motor challenges that boost physical development and promote cognitive learning. We provide a space for nannies to explore important information about child development, interact with one another, and have fun with the little ones they care for.

At Play 2 Progress, we recognize that all babies develop at slightly different rates - and that's totally normal! Our classes are organized by developmental milestone, rather than by chronological age. You should choose a class based on what feels like the right fit at the time the class begins; if you have any questions, feel free to contact us - we're happy to help!