parenting support

Early 2019

We know that parenting can sometimes feel overwhelming. It's simultaneously one of the most rewarding and challenging roles we play - but it's true when they say that it takes a village! Join our village of moms and dads as we help to strengthen your relationship with your child and family by exploring both the fun and challenging aspects of parenting. This group is designed to be customizable to what current members are experiencing. We will move through development with your family and help to empower you to handle the sticky times with success and enhance the fun times to enrich your families’ development. We invite parents without their children to join us for one hour per week for 4 weeks.

    Topics include:
  •   Mindful parenting
  •   Playing with your child
  •   Challenging behaviors
  •   Sibling dynamics
  •   School transitions
  •   Preschool/ parenting admissions
  •   Sleep and regulation
  •   Mealtime challenges
  •   Self care
  •   Developmental milestones
  •   Sensory engagement
  •   Recommendations and referrals