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launch into kindergarten

Designed for children ages 4-6 who will be entering kindergarten or beginning the kindergarten admissions process within a year. Kindergarten is often a big transition for children. The goal for each week is to have fun while providing children with the necessary skill set to excel both academically and socially in kindergarten.

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toddler enrichment

Designed for children ages 18 months – 3 years, this group will provide toddlers with a variety of sensory, motor and play opportunities. We will move through development with your child while getting messy, learning baby sign language, having fun and learning to play with others. Parents are invited to play an active role in this group.

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motor planning & coordination

This group is all about gross motor skills and coordination. We will have a blast while mastering motor planning, body awareness, balance, bilateral coordination, strengthening and ball skills. We use a multi-sensory approach with an emphasis on sensory integration during this group. Along the way, we put a heavy emphasis on building the self-confidence necessary to try new activities and actively engage in sports.

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emotional and sensory regulation

Many children have difficulty processing all of the sensory input in their school, home or extracurricular environment, which can lead to difficulty with attention, friendships and impulsivity. We work with children ages 3-8 to explore feelings and emotions and identify tools for their unique sensory system to maintain a regulated state of arousal and actively participate in school and extracurricular activities.

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handwriting & fine motor

At Play 2 Progress we take a multi-sensory approach to handwriting and fine motor skills. We will focus on the underlying skills necessary for dynamic fine motor skills/handwriting using a variety of sensory experiences and approaches.

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mommy & me

In Mommy & Me classes, we explore children's sensory systems while moving through age-appropriate gross and fine motor challenges. We teach parents sensory play strategies and help them to understand the stages of emotional, cognitive, physical and social development, while providing a support system through baby's often-complicated first years.

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academic enrichment

Learning is fun! At least we think so, and we're on a mission to make sure your kids agree! We provide lots of opportunities for learning through play - science, art, handwriting, and more.

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parenting support

There's no way around it - parenting is hard! We offer individual and group support to parents on topics that range from how to deal with tantrums to motor milestones to understanding your child's sensory system. Advice is backed by research and experience, and no question is off limits!

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musical movements

Music is a natural motivator for children. We will jam out to music while enhancing your child’s development through movement. Children will learn to create music and use their bodies to accomplish new goals.

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Yoga not only helps to improve body awareness, strength, balance and coordination but it also helps to improve attention and manage difficult emotions through breath. We offer family yoga and group child yoga classes.

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picky eating

Designed for children ages 4-9, we will explore new foods using play and all 6 senses! Our goal is to help children begin to enjoy mealtime using an SOS (sequential oral sensory) approach to feeding. We will use play to progress from interacting with foods to eating a variety of foods.

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home sensory re-design and consulting

One of our skilled occupational therapists will work with your family to enrich your child’s life by adding structure, sensory opportunities and opportunistic play opportunities to your home. Together, we will build a plan based on your child’s individual needs. We will train all members of your family and support team to handle temper tantrums, difficult transitions and sibling rivalry while providing purposeful play opportunities. This includes an individual family assessment, child observation in a variety of environments and parent interviews.