toddler sensory movement

Wednesdays @ 9a, 8/1-9/5
Tuesdays @ 1p, 9/18-10/23
$480 for 6-week session

Designed for children ages 24 – 36 months, this group will provide toddlers with a variety of sensory, motor, and play opportunities. A licensed pediatric occupational therapist will move through development with your child while exploring his or her sensory system by getting messy, exploring gross motor skills, and engaging on a variety of sensory equipment including a foam pit, rock wall, and a variety of specialized swings. Your child will engage in age-appropriate gross and fine motor challenges, learn to play with others, and – most importantly – have fun.

    Topics include:
  •   Fine motor skill development
  •   Coordination and body awareness
  •   Gross motor development
  •   Sensory exploration (tactile, vestibular and proprioception)
  •   Cooperative play and sharing skills