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      Parent Support Discussion with Floortime Therapist Mary Gianatasio

      Recorded Monday, May 4, 2020

      Every Monday night, Play 2 Progress hosts experts in their fields to answer parents' questions live.  This is a recording of Dr. Allie Ticktin's discussion with Mary Gianatasio. 

      Mary Gianatasio
      has over 15 years of experience working with children in many different settings. While teaching at a Preschool, Mary recognized her connectedness to children with developmental differences and emotional regulation challenges. She soon found her way to a Developmental Play Based clinic called LEEP Forward and helped develop its programs alongside its Founder, Lorell Marin. Mary helped to create an integrated and inclusive program for preschool aged children to prepare them to enter into mainstream Kindergarten programs in and around Chicago.

      Mary focuses on the communication, social-pragmatic, sensory and play goals of children through home and school based therapy, dyads, sibling play sessions, and small group interaction. Using a developmental, relationship-based model (DIR/Floortime), and Michelle Garcia Winner's Social Thinking methodology, Mary has developed an eclectic style that promotes learning, development and appropriate social interactions in real-time via play-based activities and integration in the classroom.

      Mary holds degrees in Child/Developmental Psychology from Southern Illinois University and St. Xavier University. For many years, she has attended the ICDL - DIR Floortime Institute. She is currently a certified DIR/Floortime Clinician through ICDL (Interdisciplinary Council on Developmental and Learning Disorders) and Profectum Academy. Mary Also holds certifications in The Listening Program (TLP), and NeuroNet, and has completed the Clinical Training Fellowship for Social Thinking in Boston, MA. She is committed to the practice and philosophy of DIR/Floortime and Social Thinking and continues to receive supervision and participate in collaborative work with esteemed professionals in the fields of Pediatric Mental Health, Developmental, Occupational and Speech Therapies.