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      Online classes

      Online classes

      Class packs are live and can be used for any of the online classes below - check them out here!
      Let us know if you have any questions, and 'see' you soon! :)

      Are you home with a (really) little one?  We'd love to meet you both :)  This class is designed to guide parents through these challenging, amazing, and oh-so-rewarding first months.   We teach from a mindful parenting perspective rooted in the science of...

      Thursday 5/28 @ 11:30a PT / 2:30p ET
      Monday 6/1 @ 2:30p PT / 5:30p ET
      Tuesday 6/2 @ 10:00a PT / 1:00p ET
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      Is your little one newly on the move?  That's a big change - for them and for you!  We are here to guide you and your little one on the journey through childhood - keeping them learning, growing, developing, and,...

      Tuesday 6/2 @ 11:30a PT / 2:30p ET
      Tuesday 6/9 @ 11:30a PT / 2:30p ET
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      This class will focus on a broad spectrum of questions that new parents have: from what baby equipment you need to how to set up a nursery to what developmental milestones actually are, how to help your little one reach...

      Intro to Development: Thursday 5/28 @ 5p PT / 8p ET
      Eat, Sleep, Poo: Thursday 6/4 @ 5p PT / 8p ET
      The Sensory System: Thursday 6/11 @ 5p PT / 8p ET
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      Are you ready to move your body? Little Ninjas is a perfect class to get you and your toddler moving! Grab your pillows, couch cushions, and blankets - your Little Ninja will get to explore their own ninja world while developing their...

      Friday 5/29 @ 10a PT / 1p ET
      Tuesday 6/2 @ 9a PT / 12p ET
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      We love storytime!  During this class, we'll start with one of our favorite stories - with lots of fun movement and guided interaction to keep kids learning, playing, and super engaged!  After we finish our story, we'll use its themes to...

      Tuesday 5/26 @ 1:00p PT / 4:00p ET
      Tuesday 6/2 @ 1:00p PT / 4:00p ET
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      Do you have a little chef on your hands?  Join us for a virtual cooking lesson!  We'll use simple ingredients to make something delicious! In our 5/21 class, we'll be making baked apples with oat crumble!  You will need 2 apples, 1/4...

      Thursday 5/28 @ 12:30p PT / 3:30p ET
      Thursday 6/4 @ 12:30p PT / 3:30p ET
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      We've heard from almost all of our parents that turning into homeschool teachers overnight while trying to do their own work at home has been challenging, to say the least.  Allie will be hosting a series of (free!) parent discussions...

      Monday 6/1 @ 8:30p PT
      Monday 6/15 @ 8:30p PT
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