We are dedicated to helping children thrive in all areas of their life by doing what they do best:

Children posing upside down

is a play-based learning center

We guide children and their families through development while combining a nurturing environment with the just-right challenge.

We are founded under 3 core beliefs:

Every child (and every family!) has differences to celebrate and strengths to embrace. At Play 2 Progress, we apply a deep understanding of the science of child development to help kids thrive in all areas of their lives. It could mean improving motor planning and coordination (sometimes tantrums happen when something is just too tough!), building the skills to manage big feelings and be in control of little bodies, or even teaching new moms to play with their babies in ways that boost physical development and promote cognitive learning.

Play is at the core of child development, providing children with an array of learning opportunities. At Play 2 Progress, we create both individualized and group enrichment opportunities in a nurturing, safe, and fun environment where children can flourish. Individual sessions are custom-designed to help kids reach their unique learning goals through effective programs disguised as play sessions. Group sessions are also custom-designed for learning goals – and the group provides opportunities to teach children how to respond to emotions, work effectively in a team, communicate needs and build friendships.

At Play 2 Progress, we support parental goals by creating a shared vision between all members of a child's support network. With open lines of communication between families, teachers, and coaches, we are able to see a complete picture of each child – and to provide consistent support by helping the whole network use tools that enrich the child's development.