Babies (Pre-crawlers & Crawlers)

This adult and child class is for our smallest students, approx. 3 months through crawling. Designed by our Pediatric Occupational Therapist this class encourages your child's early development and creates a support system of other parents and caregivers. Join the vibrant P2P community which provides a nurturing space where babies experience their first social group and empower parents and caregivers during baby’s first year (all while forming lasting friendships!).

Class will begin with 30 minute of open ended provocations that can be augmented to match your child's developmental level. Our expert OT will be on hand to assist you, answer any questions and discuss the developmental benefits of each activity. After the 30 minute class time you are invited to connect with other parents, feed your child or just take a few moments to sit and rest for the next 15-20 minutes.

At Play 2 Progress, we recognize that all babies develop at slightly different rates - and that's totally normal! All ages are approximate, please feel free to reach out if you are unsure of the best class for your child. 

This class is led by one of our experienced Pediatric Occupational Therapist who specializes in supporting child development through sensory play.  

Please wear comfortable clothes that you can easily move in. Much of this class takes place on the ground, please let us know if you need any physical assistance or accommodations.

**Please note this is a recreational sensory development class not a therapeutic group. If you are interested in a therapy group please reach out to us at