Free Play (1-5 yrs old) 

This 45 minute class takes place in our fully equipped sensory gym including: rock walls, foam pits, trampolines, aerial swings and silks, climbing bars and so much more. Free Play is an open ended class where children are encouraged to explore the gym and engage in their favorite activities. Our class begins with our welcome song, introduction to our fellow classmates and a review of the safety rules. Families are then invited to free play for the next 35 minutes. We will close out the class with our goodbye song and everyone’s favorite…stamps!

This class is supervised by one of our experienced early education teachers who specializes in sensory education for children from 1-4 years old. Teachers receive additional training in movement mechanics, sensory engagement and gym safety


Please wear clothes that you and your child can easily move in. Children are required to be barefoot in this class, adults may wear socks or be barefoot. 

**Please note this is a recreational sensory development class not a therapeutic group. If you are interested in a therapy group please reach out to us at

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