Messy Play (1-3 yrs old) 

Let’s get messy! This 45 minute class will allow your little ones to explore their senses and fully engage in immersive play. Created by Occupational Therapist and Early Childhood Development Specialists we focus on building important social/emotional, cognitive, motor and sensory skills. Your little one will explore tactile sensory input, colors, music, sensory tools and shapes all while making new friends. This messy play class allows your child to fully explore their senses without leaving your house a disaster. 

Our class begins with our welcome song and an introduction to our fellow classmates. This is followed by music and sound playtime. We will then close our opening circle and your child is invited to explore our sensory stations. Each class will include a combination of whole body sensory engagement activities, dry sensory play, wet sensory play, interactive art project and self directed imaginary play in our unique sensory bins. Once we have gotten good and messy we will work on a group activity to encourage social skills followed by our goodbye song and everyone’s favorite…the bubble machine.   

This class is led by one of our experienced early education teachers who specializes in sensory education for children from 1-4 years old. 

We will get messy in this class, please have you and your child dressed in attire you don’t mind getting messy!

**Please note this is a recreational sensory development class not a therapeutic group. If you are interested in a therapy group please reach out to us at

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