4 Ways to Practice Sound Exploration

Katie Walczuk OTR/L - May 12, 2022

As I’m sure you’re well aware, sensory exploration is a crucial piece of development (and it’s more than just messy play!). It includes engaging all 8 (yes, 8) senses, including our sense of sound or auditory sense. The last two years, our little one’s have spent a lot of time in quarantine and they haven’t been exposed to as many of the new and exciting sounds that come with exploring the community. Especially now, sensory play is so important for our little ones. Here are some fun ways to work on exploring sound:

1.     Wooden instruments. We love wooden instruments because they’re sustainable, provide a natural sound (as opposed to the harsh and sometimes jarring sound of plastic and/or electronic toys), and they create fun and open-ended play!

2.    Guess that sound! Have your child close their eyes while you make a noise in your house (e.g., bounce a ball, knock on the table, or scratch the couch cushion). Can your little one guess the sound once they open their eyes?

3.     DIY Instruments! Find objects around the house and turn them into instruments! Use a shoebox with rubberbands, a pot and a wooden spoon, etc. See if your little one can create a few instruments of their own! 

4.     Play I-Spy with Sounds! Practice mindfulness while learning about sounds in the community and out in nature by telling each other the sounds you hear. Turn it into a game for lots of fun: “I hear with my little ear, something LOUD!”

Come join us for a sensory exploration class at Play 2 Progress where we’ll find opportunities to explore all of your child’s sensory systems…including their auditory system! Make it extra fun by adding some sweet dance moves with OT Bridget on Saturdays