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      Child holding up a bar with two cones

      Individual Occupational Therapy (OT) sessions help children strengthen the foundational skills necessary to be successful and independent at home, in school, and out in the community. We work on improving children’s gross motor, fine motor, cognitive, visual motor, sensory processing, self regulation and social-emotional skills. We work with children of all skill levels and abilities - from kids who are just looking to get one step ahead to kids who need a little bit of extra help in an area or two. Our goal is to help your child maximize their potential! Topics we cover in one-on-one sessions vary greatly and are dependent on the child we're working with! They could include:

      •   Dealing with difficult emotions
      •   Coordination
      •   Picky eating (and just eating!)
      •   Behavior at school
      •   Fine motor skills
      •   Social skills