About our classes:

  • Our Parent & Me classes are designed by developmental stage, not by age, so we will meet your little one wherever they are at in their developmental journey!

  • All classes are 45-minutes in length. While we do require a parent or caregiver in class, we ask that there is just one adult per child to make space for more families :)

  • Please note that our classes, camps, and pre-preschool programs are not  therapeutic services. If you are interested in starting OT or learning more, please contact us

  • Drop-in and memberships are available! Online registration is required before attending any in-person service. All class memberships auto-renew monthly.

Our schedule:

Get Set For Baby Using Sensory Play!

Get Set For Baby Using Sensory Play!

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Get Set For Baby Using Sensory Play!

In this course, Dr. Allie Ticktin will help you understand your child's development and get them set up for success by teaching you the truth behind sensory play, why it is vital, ways to play, and how to set up your environment to benefit their development. You will learn everything from what you actually need on your registry (and what to avoid) to how to have a successful tummy time with your baby.