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      West Hollywood

      West Hollywood

      The Play 2 Progress Mommy (& Daddy) & Me class is focused on helping you understand your child’s development and sensory system from a young age. We believe this is vital in supporting your child’s development and preparing for pre-school....

      Mondays @ 9:30a, 12/16-2/3
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      Play 2 Progress Mommy (& Daddy) & Me classes are built to help moms and dads understand and support their children's development. We talk about how our sensory systems work and how they develop over time, while exploring fun, play-based...

      Wednesdays @ 12:00p, 12/11-2/12 (no class 12/25 or 1/1)
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      Play 2 Progress Mommy (& Daddy) & Me curriculum focuses on supporting parents and optimizing your baby’s growth. All sessions are led by a pediatric occupational therapist and cover topics such as infant development, sleep routines, feeding, proper fit of...

      Wednesdays @ 11:00a, 1/29-3/18
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      Little Ninjas is a perfect class to get you and your toddler moving! Your Little Ninja will get to explore our sensory gym while developing their focus, strength, balance, and safety awareness! This class is designed and led by an...

      Fridays @ 10:00a, 12/13-1/10 (no class 12/27)
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      Struggling with picky eating? You’re not alone. Did you know that research says it can take some kids between 10-30 presentations of the same food before readily accepting it into their diet?! Many children and families struggle with picky eating,...

      Fridays @ 12:00p, 1/10-2/14
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      Getting messy is a crucial part of development for children, which is why Play 2 Progress would like to take you and your little one on a “Journey Through the Senses!” Designed for toddlers and preschooler-aged children, this class is...

      Fridays @ 11:00a, 1/10-1/24
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      Children experience a wide range of feelings throughout development. These feelings can be difficult to navigate. We recognize that a child’s unique sensory profile plays an active role in emotional development. We will explore feelings and emotions through a variety...

      Ages 4-5: Tuesdays @ 3:30p, Thursdays @ 2:30
      Ages 5-6: Mondays @ 3:00p, Thursdays @ 4:30p
      Ages 6-7: Tuesdays @ 4:30p, Wednesdays @ 4:30p
      Ages 7-8: Mondays @ 4:00p, Thursdays @ 4:00p
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      We run a variety of group sessions throughout the week focused on a wide range of topics. The focus of each group is a little different, based on age and what the children in the group are working on together....

      Ages 7-8: Mondays @ 4:00p
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      Who's ready to adventure through the jungle? In this camp designed for ages 4-7, we'll choose jungle animals, create our own jungle to explore, and solve both physical and mental challenges while working together as a team and individually. We...

      Monday, December 23, 8:30a-1:30p
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      Designed after the hit TV show American Ninja Warrior, your child will spend the week learning to become a ninja warrior. We will be solving both physical and mental challenges while working together as a team and individually. We welcome...

      Thursday, January 2, 8:30a-1:30p
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      Designed for kids ages 5-8, our group of mad scientists in training will explore the world around them through science. We'll ask difficult questions, form hypotheses, and then do experiments together. We're not afraid to get messy - learning is...

      Friday, January 3, 8:30a-1:30p
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