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Studio City Baby & Me (pre-crawlers) [TEST]

Play 2 Progress Baby & Me curriculum focuses on supporting parents and optimizing your baby’s growth. All sessions are led by child development experts and cover topics such as infant development, sleep routines, feeding, proper fit of infant carriers and equipment, sensory strategies to help calm baby, and toy recommendations. Each week, we will also facilitate sensorimotor activities that promote cognition, visual motor skills, communication, and fine and gross motor development. Our goal is to provide a nurturing space where babies experience their first social group and to help parents feel well-equipped during baby’s first year, while forming lasting friendships.

Topics include:

  •   Infant development
  •   Sleep routines
  •   Feeding
  •   Proper fit of infant carriers and equipment
  •   Sensory strategies to help calm baby
  •   Toy recommendations

Pre-Crawlers classes are held weekly for 12 weeks and all classes are 45 minutes in length. 

At Play 2 Progress, we recognize that all babies develop at slightly different rates - and that's totally normal! Our classes are organized by developmental milestone, rather than by chronological age, so you should choose a class based on what feels like the right fit at the time the class begins. Note that we start pre-crawlers at about 3 months old; if you have any other questions, feel free to contact us - we're happy to help!

Please note that we require all parents or caregivers that plan to come into the class be vaccinated for Covid-19; we will verify all vaccinations before class begins. All parents and caregivers will also be required to wear a mask to come into the facility for class.  Thank you for working with us to keep our kids and our community safe!

*Drop-in's: We offer drop-in classes for the first class of a series so you can come in and try it out!  If you decide to continue, we will prorate the rest of the session for the cost of the remaining classes.  Note that we will still verify vaccinations for drop-in classes.

All class sales are final and we are unfortunately unable to offer refunds or credit for unused classes within a series. We're sorry about that! We do offer a drop-in option for all classes, as availability allows.

drop-in $40 / monthly subscription $160

Join our monthly plan and join our class weekly!   Test out our class for a session for a 1 time drop-in. See you soon!