The Best Gifts for 0-3 Month Olds

With so many toys out there, shopping for baby can be overwhelming (and expensive!). To narrow things down, we have chosen toys that are well-made, address multiple developmental skills, allow for open-ended play, and can grow with baby. 

The Play Gym, by Lovevery

A play gym is one of the most useful “toys” for baby that can be used from day one through the first year. We love this one for all its attachments that stimulate baby’s senses and make floor play more engaging.

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Woodland Animals Baby Tummy Time Toy, by Crate and Barrel

If you already have a play gym but are looking for more tummy time toys, we like this woodland animals tummy time toy that includes multiple features and high contrast images to keep baby engaged.

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Baby Silicone Links on Amazon

Ring toys are affordable, versatile, and allow baby to develop their reaching, grasping, and coordination. Make a chain for baby to play with or use them as clips to secure toys and burp cloths to your bag, car seat, or stroller.

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Surfer Baby Black & White Board Book on Etsy

Black and white books are great to help with vision development. Plus, being from LA, we can't help but love the Surfer Baby book!

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Natural Teether, by Calmies

The Calmies teether is made from natural rubber that’s non-toxic in a form that’s easy for babies to grasp, plus they grow with baby as they learn to swat and throw!

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Sophie the Giraffe Teething Set, by Vulli

This beloved Sophie the Giraffe teether isn’t just cute - it’s non-toxic too! This set also comes with a textured teether for baby to explore.

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Endangered Animal Shaker Set at Target

By around 3 months, most babies will turn to locate a sound, developing their sense of hearing and head and neck control. Practice this skill with rattles and shakers. In a few months, baby will be picking these up and shaking for themselves!

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Ribbon Ring Toy on Etsy

We love this version for visual and tactile play!

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Veggie Rattle Set in a Market Bag, by Cheengoo

We love these soft veggie rattles that will grow with baby as they learn to grasp, shake, and even well beyond the first year as a pretend play toy.

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P2P's product selections are curated by our team of child development experts.  We don't work directly with any of these brands (with the exception of the P2P Animagnets - we created them because we wished something like it existed!), so you know that we only recommend products that we really love.