The Best Gifts for 3-6 Month Olds

With so many toys out there, shopping for baby can be overwhelming (and expensive!). To narrow things down, we have chosen toys that are well-made, address multiple developmental skills, allow for open-ended play, and can grow with baby. 

Freezer Teethers, by Pretty Please Teethers

Teethers can help soothe little ones’ newly forming teeth. Freezer-friendly teethers or vibrating chewy toys can ease the pain (and not to mention the fussiness) that comes along with teething! 

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Cat Teethers, by Liewood

We also love these cat teethers that are easy for baby to hold onto so that they can learn to self-soothe.

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Sensory Tumbling Toys, by Plan Toys

Now that baby is getting more mobile while playing on the floor (watch out world!), toys that encourage reaching are great to develop pre-crawling skills.

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Roller, by Plan Toys

We love this rainbow spinning toy for the same reason we love the tumbling toys - they encourage our little ones to reach and are great for developing pre-crawling skills.

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Peanut Ball on Amazon

Bounce, baby, bounce! The peanut ball is an extremely versatile item to support your baby’s development that we use all the time at P2P. For younger babies, lying on the ball can make tummy time easier. As baby gets older, slowly rocking on the ball provides vestibular input to help them get comfortable with movement and build the balance and core strength they’ll need to start crawling.

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Black & White Baby Paper on Amazon

This paper is crinkly, making it fun to reach for and squeeze. The exterior is fabric, stimulating baby’s tactile sense, and the striped pattern makes it visually stimulating.

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Mold-Free Bath Squirts, by CleanSqueeze

Splish, splash! These no mold bath squirties are a fun addition to bath time and are great as a tummy time toy when dry as well. Don’t be surprised if baby likes to chew on these :)

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Skwish, by Manhattan Toy

Now that baby is starting to see colors, stimulate their vision by providing brightly colored toys like this skwish rattle that is great for building fine motor skills and can also serve as a teether!

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P2P's product selections are curated by our team of child development experts.  We don't work directly with any of these brands (with the exception of the P2P Animagnets - we created them because we wished something like it existed!), so you know that we only recommend products that we really love.