The Best Gifts for 4-5 Year Olds

Pod X, by Yogibo

Does your little one have a tough time sitting still? We love bean bags because they help little ones relax by giving their bodies a big calming squish! (P.S. For more alternative seating recommendations, check out our blog on tips for homeschool success!)

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Kids' Easel, by Melissa & Doug

Blossoming artist?! Writing or drawing on a vertical surface is great for wrist and shoulder strength and helps build strong muscles used in handwriting! 

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Montessori Kitchen Set on Etsy

Open-ended play tools like these wooden play sets are great to use in sensory bins or during imaginary play! Speaking of sensory bins, tactile play is still so important at this age! Check out some kinetic sand!

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Walking Wheels, by Fat Brain Toys

Check out Walking Wheels for some gross motor fun and to get your kid’s body moving! For more outdoor action, see our tips on how to teach your little one to ride a bike!

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Magnetic Wooden Blocks, by Tegu

We love magnetic blocks for a few reasons like open-ended play and creative thinking, not to mention to mention they’re fun for the whole family!

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Magnetic Fishing Set, by Kido

Fishing Games like this are a fun way to work on hand-eye coordination.

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