The Best Gifts for 6-12 Month Olds

With so many toys out there, shopping for baby can be overwhelming (and expensive!). To narrow things down, we have chosen toys that are well-made, address multiple developmental skills, allow for open-ended play, and can grow with baby. 

Magic Tissue Box on Etsy

There are SO many things you can do with silk scarves! We love this toy because it builds fine motor skills, hand eye coordination, and stimulates baby’s visual and tactile senses - plus, it grows with your child and encourages creative thinking!

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Shape Matching Board, by Bigjigs Toys

Start working on fine motor skills at a young age to set your baby up for success! Bright kids toys getting in the way of your style? For a sleek look, try a solid wood option like this!

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Wooden Object Permanence Box on Etsy

Ever notice how much fun your baby has when he or she plays peek-a-boo? At around 4-8 months, babies start to learn that objects (and people– hello separation anxiety spike!) still exist when they can’t see them. This toy is great for cognitive development and loads of fun!

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World of Eric Carle Tissue Box Sensory Toy, by Kids Preferred

We love crinkle paper to help boost auditory development and tactile play! Bonus: keep the fun going by pairing this option with one of our favorite Eric Carle books!

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Alligator Push Toy, by Melissa & Doug

Your little one can sit, stand, and is showing signs of walking at this age! Help them moving with push and pull toys like this Alligator Push Toy, or try some of our other favorites - the Wooden Lawnmower or Pull-Along Puppy!

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Matchstick Color Drop on Etsy

Babies at this age are refining their fine motor skills! We love all sorts of container play, and the color sorting is a great bonus to work on visual and cognitive development as well!

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Mix-Up Animagnets, by Play 2 Progress

Babies at this age are beginning to grasp and hold onto objects with intention, and then learning to use 2 hands together! P2P’s very own toy was specifically designed for little grasps and big imaginations– mix ‘em up and discover endless possibilities that your little tike is guaranteed to enjoy!

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P2P's product selections are curated by our team of child development experts.  We don't work directly with any of these brands (with the exception of the P2P Animagnets - we created them because we wished something like it existed!), so you know that we only recommend products that we really love.