A Day in Pre-Preschool

Step into a day of pre-preschool!

Pre-preschool runs 2 days weekly from 9:15am-11am. Each week, we will focus on a new theme and participate in lots of different activities together. Take a look here to see what our daily schedule looks like! Also note that our schedule is subject to change and tends to adapt to our group and available space :)

Hello Circle Time (~10 min)

Let's all say hello to one another! Each morning, we will gather in a circle to say hi to each of our friends (and caretakers too!). 

We will sing hello, move our bodies, and learn more about what our day together will look like. 

Small Room Activities (~25 min)

While we are a sensory gym at heart, our small room activities allow us to simulate a traditional classroom environment where children can interact in a more approachable way. This smaller learning environment will help us hone in on social, physical, and cognitive skills.

Some days we will craft, other days we will sort or build, but most of all, we will work together to accomplish our daily tasks and clean up as a team!

Big Gym Play (~25 min)

Here at Play 2 Progress, we like to focus on the power of play on development! Sometimes we will take on gross motor activities (like obstacle courses!) and other days we will get messy (with taste safe materials of course!). 

No matter the activity, we will focus on the social thinking skills involved with parallel play, taking turns, sharing, and checking in with our bodies and friends to make sure everyone is having fun and being safe.

Snack Time (~20 min)

Snack time gives us the opportunity to work on transitions and sequencing of steps (wash hands, get snack, sit down). 

Most of all, snack time provides a space for our class to come together and practice our language development as we communicate with our peers.

Story Time & Goodbye Circle Time (~10 min)

It is so important that we give little ones the opportunity to self-regulate throughout the day. 

At the end of our pre-preschool day, we will come together in a cozy space for story time, calming our bodies and getting ready to say goodbye after a wonderful day of play and learning together.

If you have any questions about our program, feel free to give us a call or contact us via email - we'd love to chat!